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Sea Freight

Sea freight

Sea Freight is a fundamental business of our company. In the past fourteen-year development of this business, we have cultivated a great number of personnel who are highly trained, professional and knowledgeable of the major ports of the world and the logistics procedure. Furthermore, we have developed a good co-operative partnership with a number of the world-renowned shipping companies.

  • Comprehensive global agency network
  • NVOCC world-wide operator
  • Weekly sailings – LCL & FCL shipments world-wide
  • Website services (online booking, freight calculator etc.)
  • Tracking & monitoring service
  • Stuffing & stripping
  • Project cargo

Air freight

Air transport is one of the main businesses of PATENT. We obtained the air transport bronze medal issued by China General Aviation Administration and signed direct cooperation with Air China (CA), South China Airlines (CZ and Korean Air (KE).

  • Import & export airfreight
  • Customs clearance,insurance
  • Cargoes packing, warehousing and distribution
  • Door to door service
  • Cargoes tracking system
  • “Sea-air” combined transportation
Air freight

Cooperating airlines


  • China Airline (CA) — Europe, USA, Central & South America
  • KOREA AIRLINE(KE)—Asia (Japan, Singapore, Korea etc.)
  • THAI AIR ASIA (FD) — Sth Eastern Asia,Middle East


  • CA:Europe, USA, Central & South America
  • KE:Asia (Japan, Singapore)
  • TG:Asia, Europe
  • CZ:Asia, Paris, L.A.


  • Cathy pacific , Cargolux, Air france, SQ, KE Guangzhou:

Airlift advantage route

Major carrier partners in shenzhen air port

  • Air China (CA) advantage route: Europe and America ARN/FRA/FCO/WAW/LAX/JFK package board
  • CZ’s dominant route: Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Middle East
  • ZH advantage route: BKK in Southeast Asia
  • B7’s dominant route: Europe and the United States and Southeast Asia
  • MU’s dominant route: Europe and America
  • Thailand Asia Airlines (FD): Southeast Asia

Major carrier partners in guangzhou air port

  • Air China.CA is one of the most competivie airlines in China .Air China offers 162 international networks,295 air routes and 1111 international truck lines all of the world.Air China provides better service and strategic solution mainly to Europe,America,South America and Middle America
  • China Southern Airline.CZ owns the biggest carrying capacity in Guangzhou Air port,the occupancy rate is nearly 50% .There are more than 500 aircrafts and 1930 direct air flights to 190 destinations of more than 35 countries .It’s main cargo markets are America,Europe,Austrlia and Asia.
  • Thailand airline .TG has always devote herself to provide stable and lasting frieght service with high grade. It flies direct to Bangkok and than covers more than 70 major cities worldwide.TG is the most important air brage between Thailand and other countries ,It stands even for a specail tie of culture and friendship.
  • Turkey Airlines.TK is one of the most high-standard freight service provider.It had awarded the best air line of Europe several years. Europe,Mid-east Asia,Far-east Aisa and Africa are the strgetic regions for your choice.

Customs clearance

Our highly experienced and dedicated Customs Broker provide our clients with highly efficient and value added service.

Cross border Logistics

We provide logistics services for Amazon in USA, Europe,Japan and 3rd party overseas warehousing services etc.
We offer the 1st leg FCL/LCL/AIR/Courier transportation and value-added services including warehousing, sorting, palletizing, labeling ,clearance,delivery etc.


We have warehouses in major Chinese ports/cities to provide our customers with diverse range of services including stocking,packaging,labelling,consolidation etc.

Warehouse advantage

  • Customs on-site office in the stream Park
  • Supervision of warehousing and tax refund
  • Good warehouse facilities, reducing damage and delay
  • Closed gate management in warehouse area, 24 hours security monitoring
  • Integrated OSCAR storage system — bar code paste directly scanning into warehousing system

Warehouse & value-added service

  • CFS consolidation
  • Import deconsolidation
  • Distribution Center
  • Asembles of components & subproducts
  • Sorting, labelling & repacking
  • Bar code scanning
  • Quality control
  • Palletization
  • Pick & pack


Our company provides import and export unloading / packing services: the United States, Italy, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Central and South America; Hong Kong provides import and international transit services around the world.

  • Singapore/Port Kelang/Hochiminh
  • Los Angeles/Long Beach/New York
  • Durban/Johannesburg/Cape Town
  • San Jose/Managua/San Salvador/San Pedro Sula/Guatemala


We own 110 prine movers to transport the container between the inland factories and the major Chinese ports/cities. Our highly flexible 24 hours services,sound financial background and efficient management to ensure your cargoes are timely received and shipped to or from any destination in the world.

China import service

What we do

  • Professional sea port logistics & professional airport logistics
  • Professional import customs clearance
  • Bounded warehouse and cross border e-commerce multiple service
  • Various domestic transportation service & HK-SHENZHEN truck

The main customs clearance port

  • Pearl River Delta: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Zhongshan, Zhanjiang and other places
  • Yangtze River Delta region: Shanghai, Ningbo
  • North China: Tianjin, Beijing, Qingdao and other places.
  • Other areas: Xiamen, Fuzhou and other places.

The main import products

  • Food, wine, beer, marble, PVC,PE,PP, hardware
  • MACHINE, furniture, industrial chemicals, steel coil, mould
  • craft and other general cargo

A complete supply chain integration

  • Product sourcing (red wine, olive oil, manuka honey, milk etc.)
  • Information Flow (IT System): improve customer Service and efficiency
  • International Logistics ( import & Export): door to door service,seafreight, airfrieght, trucking, warehousing & Value added Services, Distribution
  • Cash flow (Finance & Trade solution): Payment on goods purchase, Customs import duty, L/C. VAT etc.
  • A Complete Supply Chain Solution.
Air Freight